Disclaimer: all investments carry risk, investors assume 100% liability for any and all losses, there is no guarantee of profits, and this token does not represent shares in a company.

What is Rahul Coin? It’s a token I created on the WAVES platform to promote my social media presence as a professional musician.

Where did I get the idea from? The first ever “person” coin in crypto-currency history was Bill Murray Coin created by fans of Bill Murray. Later on other notable coins of this type included a Kanye West and a Kim Kardashian coin named “Coinye” and “Kim Coindashian” respectively. As far as I know my project is the first of it’s kind in which an artist creates a crypto-currency as a means of self-promotion. (Okay, maybe Juggalocoin was first, but they were well established musicians long before its launch.)

So, let me tell you my story. I’ve been a musician all my life. I started playing violin when I was six years old and kept with it most of my elementary school years. I started making beats on my computer in middle school, on a 303 emulator at first and then later on I switched to FL Studio. When I was sixteen I started learning how to sing classical Indian ragas and play harmonium. During my high school years my favorite type of music was Trance and Drum and Bass. I was one of five kids in my school who went to raves long before they became mainstream. At the age of eighteen, the summer after I graduated was when I discovered the Beatles and that changed the course of my life forever. It was around the time when Napster, Kazaa, and Limewire kicked off file-sharing on the Internet. I went back through the catalogue and listened to as much rock music and classic rock that I could get my hands on. I was also really into Motown during this period. A couple years out of high school I bought my first guitar, a $100 made in China Fender Squire, and I’ve been in love with the guitar ever since. It’s my first love. I loved guitar before I ever loved any woman.

Fast forward ten years. I moved out to New York City on May 9th, 2017, almost four months ago. If there’s anywhere to make it as a musician it’s here. I’ve mostly been playing on the streets and in the subway and somehow by some miracle barely scrapping by.

My first visit to Times Square. Filmed May 11th, 2017.

Lamborghini I saw as I was crossing the street into Central Park for the first time.

Watercolor painting I did in Central Park, May 31st, 2017.

Now, to the point of this ICO. The reason I’m doing it is to raise funds in order to:

*Pay for weekly studio sessions at Threshold Recording Studios in Manhattan:

*Purchase the following equipment:
Randy Angella classical guitar
PRS Hollowbody II guitar
Lindy Fralin PAF pickups
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster (NOS)
Lindy Fralin AlNiCo 3 pickups
Suhr BPSSC system
CPC-5T 5F1 Tweed Amp —
Various Effects Pedals

*Hire a photographer, videographer, and recording technician for upcoming shows.

*Raise capital to press vinyls of my first album and to print t-shirts and other merchandise.

*Increase my social media presence both through organic traffic generated from and paid promotions on and

Why should you invest?

Before I go any further let me reiterate and make it crystal clear, all investments carry risk, investors assume 100% liability for any and all losses, there is no guarantee of profits, and this token does not represent shares in a company.

The value of this project is as a speculative investment in my potential as a professional musician. Possibly, there’s no guarantee, but possibly, if I make it big then as I gain popularity more and more people will look into and invest in this token.

The team: In almost every crypto-currency project there are multiple team members: one or more programmers, social media managers, PR reps, web designers, graphic designers, etc.

The “team” for Rahul Coin as it currently stands is me, myself, and I. At the end of the ICO I plan to hire a professional web designer and possibly a programmer to implement stand-alone coin software.

The community: I think this is the strength of an endeavor such as this one. Successful musicians can have millions and even tens of millions of social media followers. As it currently stands I have a humble 20,000 something followers, most of them due to being featured on But if I put out consistent work that number could rapidly increase in the future.

Structure of the ICO:

I’ve decided to modify the terms of the ICO to better align it with free market principles.

Initially 23% of the total supply will be up for sale at a rate of 140 satoshis per token. After the sell wall on Waves is sold out I will let the market decide what the price should be, no tiered ICO pricing. After the first 23% is sold I promise not to sell more than 5% of the total supply in any given month. In the end I plan to hold between 1-10% of the tokens long term.

The ICO is LIVE on the Waves platform as of today, Saturday 9/1/2017 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Rahul Coin is the name of the asset on Waves. EUGpo1cQemnsuJsLk3Lq992tnHcdobgNFFCMURQpMqi6 is the identifier. The total number of tokens is 33,000,000 and it is non-reissuable. Potentially it may become a proof of stake currency in the future. When it hits exchanges outside of Waves at the end of the ICO RAHUL will be the ticker symbol.

Here is a sample of music recordings I made last year:

After 0.5 bitcoin worth of tokens are sold I will begin weekly recording sessions at Threshold Studios in Manhattan and will regularly be putting out new music. Please follow my various social media profiles to stay up to date! Thanks for your time and consideration!